Kermit's Wonderful® Skincare Products


While a graduate student & resident in hospital pharmacy  during the late 1960's, the inventor researched a number of possible agents for topical treatment of severe human burn wounds.  This work was conducted through the auspices of the surgery department in the burn treatment center of a large university teaching hospital.  A number of compounds were studied.  Serendipity played a role in discovery.  One compound stood out among the rest. This product was studied extensively and produced a sizable piece of research and a graduate thesis.

         Product Content

As a spin-off from the above mentioned  research work,  a  search of compatible  NATURAL compounds  showed great promise.  A combination of a group of naturally derived botanical agents  indicated a very beneficial effect on  healthy but dry chapped skin.  These included the  "rapid-healing" effects of the active ingredient in  comfrey.(Symphytum). This agent, of plant origin , formerly was considered a "barnyard" weed.  Another  naturally derived active component  is Vitamin E which acts  as an active anti-oxidant.  Finally a Phospholipid is included in the formulation  and acts as a re-hydrating & re-moisturizing agent. Both the Vitamin E and the Phospholipid are derived from the  common soybean.  The above agents are incorporated in a non-greasy hydrophilic base.

        Commercial Product Development 

Many years later, the inventor owned and operated a community retail pharmacy.  Often times, customers would lament the lack of effective skincare products  & that were reasonably priced.  Usual complaints were related to problems with dry skin, cracking cuticles and red chapped hands.  The research of earlier years was recalled and a re-hydrating and healing skincare product was offered to the public.

        Suggested Use

Normally, we suggest that  "Kermit's Wonderful® Skincare may be applied to any external area of the body when skin is dry, chapped or cracked from water or weather exposure.   Our experience indicates that the product must go on at bedtime to allow for overnight healing benefits.   Obviously, you may apply Kermit's Wonderful® at anytime of day and as often as you wish.  However, it is not necessary to apply a heavy layer of product. This is very concentrated. Only small amounts are required.  For example, it is our feeling that a 1 oz. Jar of Kermit's Wonderful® will last up to a month with daily use. A 4 oz. Jar will last up to 3 months. So, you can see it is still low-cost yet effective.

Finally, let us be clear!  "Kermit's Wonderful® is not a magic potion.  It is a kindly dermatologic product that is just plain friendly to the skin.

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